Lindsay Wescott | Interactive Design × Digital Strategy
Helping to build and expand brands that create social or environmental good.



About Me

I first started pushing pixels as a middle school student in the late ‘90s Geocities era. Back then I was self-taught, designing for the web in-browser and hand-coding every single line of HTML. Times have certainly changed, but I credit that early learning experience with my ability to specialize in both user experience and user interface design (UX/UI). After a few years as Senior Designer at a DC-based digital communications agency, I moved to Colorado and pursued contract work. A one-stop-shop for local small businesses, I design and develop their websites and expand their brands.

Over time I realized I do my best work and feel the most in-alignment with life when I serve clients that create social or environmental good. I’m currently looking for a full-time role with a mission-driven company, whether in-house or at an agency.

In my 5-to-9, I scale rock faces, explore mountain parks and persistently try to find vinyasa flow.